Staffing Needs

James Project believes in providing holistic care to those we serve. This means that our women and children are served by an interdisciplinary team that focuses on the overall care and health of each person. You can help provide this care by sponsoring one of the following staff positions.


Our women and children have experienced some of the worst traumas imaginable. Our Psychologist(s) assist these precious ones in their healing process, as well as provide trauma-based training and care to our house parents and staff. We are currently in the process of opening a new home and accepting more children into our care. We are also working to provide additional psychological help and training to the families of the children in our care. The monthly cost of adding this position is $1,000/month.

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Social Worker

Our children are placed in our care for 4 reasons: abandonment and neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and/or trafficking. Each of these children has a case pending in the court system and they deserve justice. Our Social Workers fight to see that the needs of our children are defended and that the courts consider what is best for each child. The monthly cost of fighting for these children and sponsoring one Social Worker is $1,000/month.

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House Parents

At JPLA, we place children in families. These families have a mother and father that can teach them what a Godly marriage should be, how a father should treat his children, and how a mother should care for her family. This couple provides an example of real love and a healthy family. We believe hiring couples is key to changing the futures of our children, because it changes their idea of what is normal and acceptable. The monthly cost of providing one set of healthy parents to children in need is $1,100/month. 

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Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse that many of our women and children find themselves in. At the JPLA campus, located in Monjas, Guatemala, Evangelical Freedom School serves 150 children from pre-school to high-school. The monthly cost to sponsor a teacher and provide a quality education to a classroom of children is $550/month.

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JPLA is committed to being as self-sustainable as possible. We currently have a large agricultural program, including planting, an aquaponics systems, fruit trees, and moringa trees. We also have livestock, including goats and chickens, with the hopes to someday expand. However, we need a full-time worker to help with the ongoing maintenance, planning, and care of this program. To invest in the long-term sustainability of JPLA and hire an Agronomist, the monthly cost is $700/month.

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Missionaries are always in need at JPLA. They serve in critical roles such as Assistant Directors, Home School Teachers, Donor Development Staff, Medical Care Managers, PR Coordinator, and much more.

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